A unique network of experts and new cases on a daily basis.

We receive hundreds of client requests per month via various legal and commercial platforms. We work on these cases with out cooperating lawyers. Join us in that task – without any economic risk.

Based on your specialization, your interests and any other factors, we will forward relevant legal queries to you.


As part of an initial assessment or advice, you explain to the client how the legal request can best be solved.


With the help of your first consultation, the client will ascertain the feasible options and decide whether to employ legal assistance.

How many clients do you retain through your firm’s website?

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Integrated Legal Services

We are a new breed of lawyers. Instead of spending lots of money on our own marketing, we decided to cooperate with successful online platforms – both legal and commercial. These platforms are run by marketing specialists who have years of experience in digital acquisition. We, on the other hand, concentrate on providing excellent legal advice and offer lightning-speed turn-around times. As a result, everybody sticks to what they can do best.
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