Together, we will achieve great things.

Digital acquisition

The main aspect of our collaboration is answering requests that we receive from our partner platforms. We will forward the case information to you and assist in converting an inquiry into a paying client.

High quality advice

We work together in keeping all promises that the platforms make vis-a-vis their customers, e.g. free initial or fixed-price consultation, quick feedback (usually within 24 hours), using simple language and more.

Effective Marketing

To convert an inquiry into a paying client can be tough and it is not something that comes easy to all lawyers. Many attorneys lack the expertise and experience to effectively work digital channels. No worries: We will help you.

Team Players

We are a team. This means, you and the other cooperating lawyers as well as our firm’s management will work together at every step of the way. Together, we form a network of experienced and professional legal consultants.

Continued legal evolution

Digitalization is not a fixed state, but a dynamic process. Our task is to recognize and employ all advantages and opportunities.
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